Awards are given in all age and gender brackets. Also at the awards celebration, everyone has the opportunity to win a door prize! We encourage everyone to stay and enjoy getting to know your fellow participants and neighbors at the awards celebration. Click here to view all award categories.

Individual Award Categories

Overall Male and Female

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Male and Female Masters, Grand Masters and Senior Grand Masters

1st, 2nd and 3rd Place Male and Female in the Following Categories:

12-19 45-59
20-24 50-54
25-29 55-59
30-34 60-64
35-39 65-69
40-44 70 & Over

TEAM Challenge

The team challenge is an opportunity to run/walk with your colleagues, friends, or family and compete against other teams to build fun, friendly rivalries! No matter the speed, teams are an easy way to encourage teamwork and a fun atmosphere among friends, family, or co-workers. A team must include a minimum of 5 people.


Team awards will be given in the following categories:

1. Largest Team
2. Fastest Team
3. Most Team Spirit

The fastest team will be determined by the following process

  • The 5 highest placed finishers in their respective age groups will be used to determine the score of each team.
  • The top finishers will be determined based on where they place in their respective age group.
  • The finish place in the respective age group (3rd place male age group 20-24, for example) of the top five will be added. This will be the score for the team. Lowest team score wins.